Inspired By Lake Tahoe, USA

Inspired By Lake Tahoe, USA
Drawing inspiration from the elegance of Lake Tahoe, ZLINE provides an elevated luxury experience with industry-leading kitchen appliances and bath fixtures. Each collection is meticulously designed by Founder-President Andrew Zuro and his team and reflects the limitless beauty found in the unique elements of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada landscapes.

Our commitment to providing homeowners with the experience of ZLINE Attainable Luxury® is apparent in each and every design. With refined attention to detail and advanced product engineering, ZLINE seamlessly enhances the spaces that mean the most.

As the industry leader in kitchen appliances and bath fixtures, ZLINE has revolutionized the industry with innovations such as range hood crown molding and its premier variety the ZLINE CrownSound® Bluetooth Range Hood; For our plumbing expansion, ZLINE now features HPAS (High-Pressure Anti-Splash) technology on our signature pull-down kitchen faucets. We continue to showcase our passion for innovation through superior craftsmanship paired with enhanced modern technology.

Allow your space to feel as elegant as Lake Tahoe with a variety of luxury appliances, from high-performing professional ranges and range hoods to stunning bathroom faucets and shower systems. Ignite your culinary experience and achieve your home’s full potential with ZLINE.

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