Introducing All-New Built-In Refrigeration Finishes

Introducing All-New Built-In Refrigeration Finishes
Style and innovation are at the forefront of our design team’s mind when it comes to bringing kitchen appliances to the heart of your home.

To help our customers find the perfect match for their kitchen, our team is always looking to add new finishes to our already-established line of appliances, including our line of built-in refrigerators. Introducing DuraSnow®, Black Stainless, White Matte, and Autograph Edition Built-In Refrigerators. 

ZLINE’s proprietary DuraSnow® finish is the ultimate finish for those looking to avoid smudges, scratches, and rust, without sacrificing the look of traditional stainless steel. Many homeowners with little ones running around in the kitchen choose DuraSnow® as a way to avoid wiping little fingerprints off their appliances as frequently. We are proud to offer our first line of refrigerators in this exclusive finish.

With traditional white kitchens increasing in popularity, we knew bringing our White Matte doors to refrigeration would be essential. In addition, homeowners can also purchase our white matte built-in refrigerators with Autograph Edition handles, to truly tie together all the details in your kitchen.

Lastly, homeowners can tie their moody kitchens together with a Built-In Black Stainless refrigerator. Black stainless appliances can be the perfect way to bring uniqueness to your kitchen, without sacrificing traditional functionality.

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With ZLINE, luxury is not meant to be desired, it’s meant to be attainable.