ZLINE Featured in Top Publications in February

ZLINE Featured in Top Publications in February
In the month of February, ZLINE was honored to have been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, and Forbes for the best cooktops and best range hoods brand of 2023. Read on to hear more about each and learn more about ZLINE.

Architectural Digest:

ZLINE was featured as one of the emerging kitchen and bath trends coming from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2023. Editors Mel Studach and Lila Allen wrote “Like in a good play, the cast of a kitchen can’t just consist of main characters—you’ve got to have a strong supporting cast. ZLINE appears to have taken this idea to heart, as the brand is debuting cookware to their already robust line of appliances. To start, the company is launching knives, available now in German and Damascus steel styles. Sets can be ordered in 1, 3, or 15 pieces. ZLINE also teased yet-to-be-released pans.”

Learn more about ZLINE Cookware here. 

Forbes Home: Best Gas Cooktops February 2023

Two ZLINE cooktops that were featured in this round-up were the 30” Rangetop in DuraSnow® with Brass Burners (RTS-BR-30) and the 36” Stainless Steel Rangetop with Brass Burners (RT-BR-36). Some of the benefits of both rangetops include affordability, easy-to-clean porcelain cooktop, front-facing controls, brass burners, and plenty of burners. 

Read more about ZLINE Cooktops here.

Forbes Home: Best Range Hood Brands of February 2023

In this article, ZLINE is praised for our pricing, as well as our vast selection of finishes and styles. Another added benefit mentioned is the ability to bundle our range hoods with a full kitchen suite of ZLINE appliances. 

Learn more about ZLINE Range Hoods here. 

With ZLINE Luxury is not meant to be desired, it’s meant to be attainable.