ZLINE Autograph Edition

“Luxury should never be left desired. It’s meant to be attainable.” 
- Andrew Zuro, Founder
Envisioned by founder Andrew Zuro, ZLINE Autograph Edition combines industry-leading performance with the perfect personalized touch.

Inspired by Lake Tahoe, the Autograph Edition brings unparalleled style and elegance to the center of your home. 

This professional suite encompasses beauty, precision, and quality - the ultimate expression of attainable luxury.
ZLINE Autograph Edition Range Hood

range hoods

Where functionality meets luxury.

Complement your kitchen suite while enhancing your everyday culinary routine with ZLINE Autograph Edition Range Hoods. Effortlessly remove unwanted smoke and fumes while creating an elegant look.
ZLINE Autograph Edition Dishwasher


Achieve everyday performance. 

Combining remarkable cleaning performance with a luxurious style, ZLINE Autograph Edition Dishwashers keep your dishes looking spotless. Featuring a spacious third rack and sleek top touch controls, you can enjoy the elevated style and unmatched functionality with an incredibly powerful yet quiet wash cycle.
ZLINE Autograph Edition Range


Ignite culinary excellence.

Create the ultimate kitchen experience with industry-leading performance combined with personalized touches. ZLINE Autograph Professional Ranges offer stunning accent finishes that perfectly complement any style. Allow your kitchen to encompass beauty, precision, and expression.
ZLINE Autograph Edition Refrigerator


Make your kitchen more capable. 

Bring best-in-class freshness and stunning personalized touches into your space with ZLINE Autograph Edition Refrigeration. Experience its premium features and modern built-in look, creating the ultimate professional chef’s kitchen.
ZLINE Autograph Edition Beverage Fridge


Refine your taste.

Allow your kitchen more storage capacity for your favorite chilled beverages and fine wines with ZLINE Autograph Wine & Beverage Coolers.
ZLINE Autograph Edition Range Top


Feed your inner chef.

Let high-powered performance and luxury style shine with ZLINE Autograph Edition Rangetops. Create masterful dishes with superior precision control and rely on durable components such as cast-iron grates and brass burners. With a variety of personalized finishes and accents, you can create the perfect cooking tool that’s unique to your style.
ZLINE Autograph Edition Double Wall Oven


Expand your potential.

Impeccable style meets unparalleled performance. ZLINE Autograph Edition Wall Ovens blend high-powered performance with beautiful designer-curated accents. Master every dish with superior precision while achieving a modern built-in look within your cabinetry.
ZLINE Autograph Edition Built-in Microwave


Make convenience classy. 

Celebrate style and functionality with ZLINE Autograph Edition Microwaves. Bring an unmatched style into the center of your home with precision cooking and timeless personalized accents. Allow luxury into your daily routine with convenient cooking features and a show-stopping aesthetic.


Bring unparalleled style and elegance into the center of your home with the ZLINE Autograph Edition.
Worthy of every family tradition, this professional suite encompasses beauty, precision, and expression.
Close up ZLINE Autograph Edition Polished Gold handle on range hood