Cook with Control: ZLINE Induction Cooktops

Cook with Control: ZLINE Induction Cooktops

ZLINE Induction Cooktops

How Does Induction Cooking Work?

Induction cooktops utilize electromagnetic technology to achieve incredibly fast and evenly distributed heat. Featuring a coil below the glass surface, the cooktop will create a magnetic field that reacts only with magnetic stainless or cast iron pots and pans. Once the compatible cookware is placed on the cooking zone, the coil will create an electric current and transform the cookware into a generator of heat.

Innovation Meets Luxury

ZLINE Induction Cooktop

ZLINE induction cooktops bring a new meaning of attainable luxury into the kitchen. Cook with complete control and precision with premium features such as Power Boost Mode for a quick boil, Power Sharing Mode, and Keep Warm Mode to ensure each meal is at the perfect tasting temperature. Integrated with powerful and efficient electromagnetic technology, ZLINE induction cooktops save more energy and heat 50% faster compared to traditional gas and electric cooking.

Have peace of mind with safety features, including a heat indicator, manual and auto lock, and automatic power level controls to prevent overheating. Constructed with a durable SCHOTT CERAN® glass surface, this cooktop is designed to impress your guests for years to come.The LED lit touch display and glossy, glass surface both come together to create an effortless clean while maintaining a contemporary, high-end aesthetic.

Enhanced Features

  • Power Boost Mode for maximum power

  • Power sharing mode allowing for convenient heat transitions

  • Keep Warm Mode adds great convenience and enhanced cooking

  • Superior induction technology allows for more heat and energy efficient experience compared to gas or electric cooking

Safety and Efficiency

  • Residual heat indicator to advise the surface is still hot to touch

  • Manual and automatic control locks

  • Automatic power level control to prevent overheating

Designed to seamlessly fit in every space, ZLINE’s Induction Cooktop is now available in 24, 30, and 36-width sizes. Reach your kitchen’s culinary potential with this modern, professional addition. Explore the full Induction Cooktop Collection here.